Our W21 Team of Advisors:

Rev. Rob Renfroe, A pastor at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in Texas.
Rev. Thomas A. Lambrecht, Vice President of Good News Magazine.
Steve Beard, Editor-in-Chief of Good News Magazine.
Rev. John Southwick, Director of Research, Networking, and Resources
Rev. Karen Booth, Director of Transforming Congregations

Wesley21 is the resource hub for Good News, an evangelical ministry working for spiritual renewal and theological reform within The United Methodist Church. We want to point United Methodists and other warm-hearted believers to the faithful and vibrant practice of orthodox Wesleyan Christianity.

For more than four decades, Good News has been

• Centered on Christ
• Faithful to the Scriptures
• Committed to the Kingdom

See more at: http://goodnewsmag.org/about-us/

Wesley21 provides a trusted source for recommended programs, ministries, and resources to strengthen local church ministries in a Wesleyan spirit. We recommend resources that are biblically sound and will encourage and enhance vibrant spiritual growth with God. These resources are also reviewed for quality and for their practical value in increasing the effectiveness of grassroots, hands-on ministry and mission.

We believe United Methodism can grow once again, if we recover our doctrinal and scriptural heritage and apply it anew in the 21st century. Our church can become a vibrant and growing witness for the Kingdom of God if we reappropriate the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance for our ministry. Wesley21 aims to model and resource a Wesleyan, biblical, and Spirit-filled ministry that re-centers the church on Jesus Christ and his mission to the world.

We welcome nominations for resources, programs, preachers, books, and articles that fulfill this vision for the church. Make your suggestions by emailing John Southwick at jsouthwick@goodnewsmag.org.

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